Our mission

Our goal is to create a symbiosis between our bathing and wellness hotel and the surrounding nature in the Breiten. The symbiosis should be achieved equally on the spatial-physical, the psycho-emotional and the culinary level.

Compnay mission statement and wellness philosophy

Our Vision

We are the leading wellness and health hotel in Aletsch. Our hotel complements the natural resources of the uniquely beautiful and bioclimatic healthy area in the centre of the World Heritage Site «Swiss Alps» at the gateway of which our hotel is located.


We want to meet the requirements of our guests with a contemporary, wide-ranging holiday, health and wellness offer. We are always aware that it is often the small things that make the big difference. The love for detail, the individual style, lived cordiality and honest care. The conversation, the contact, the sensibility and creativity, the joy of working as a host are important for us.
On the other hand, our task is to work profitably in the long term in order to be able to make the necessary investments for the future.


Employee development is an integral part of our management principles. We offer them good material working conditions and ensure a positive, team-oriented working atmosphere. We would like to continue to employ permanent staff for many years to come.


We work together with our partners - inside and outside the industry - for the mutual benefit and in mutual trust over the long term. Through our participation in industry associations and societies, we benefit from a lively, open exchange of ideas.


We ensure quality
  • through selective investments in our infrastructure,
  • through the cooperation of the family in the front line,
  • through cordial and competent employees.
  • through the orientation towards benchmarks of the industry


The environment is the main sales argument for our hotel, along with the wellness offer. For this reason alone, our business activities include the environment. Responsibility for the environment is a personal concern for us, which we perceive both through our role model and through our socially responsible corporate actions.

Our wellness philosophy

spatial - physical level

Our wellness installations in the hotel complement the natural resources of the uniquely beautiful and bioclimatic healthy area in the centre of the World Heritage Site Aletsch, where our hotel is located.

psychic - emotional level

A variety of package programmes and methods help to carry the soul slag to the outside. Also the noble mountain world and the experience of pure nature, reflected inside.

culinary level

By using food that is as natural as possible, the body should be brought back into harmony with its natural needs.


    To achieve this
  • we set a good example ourselves. The whole family (we are a family business) is sporty, attaches great importance to a healthy diet (our own organic farm for fruit and vegetables) and a healthy lifestyle. All programs are supervised and accompanied by a member of the family. All of them are trained regularly (nutrition, fitness, homeopathy, healing with stones, etc.)
  • We select our employees according to precise criteria. They should not wear the wellness philosophy like a uniform, but radiate it personally. We only hire or train highly trained employees. Every employee is encouraged to attend further training courses. Here we support you.
  • We offer our employees good material working conditions and ensure a positive, team-oriented working atmosphere. Also in the future we would like to employ permanent staff of many years.
  • We offer different wellness programs for different needs. The focus is on the enjoyment of physical and psychological wellness. Guests can choose the length of their stay and the composition of their programme themselves or book prepared packages of different lengths.
  • We offer various courses, e.g. slimming courses, breathing therapy, Tai-Chi/Qi-Gong, relaxation therapy, gymnastics, homeopathy, nutrition, Bach flowers, etc. All course information will be summarized in writing and given to the guests as a memory aid at home.
  • We offer a variety of possibilities for sports and physical activity (water gymnastics, guided hikes, guided bike tours, excursions with snowshoes, winter hiking, skiing, etc.). We also organize pétanque and bowling tournaments, etc.
  • With our guests we visit local theatres and concerts and other occasions concerning the peculiarity of our region, such as homeland conferences, Corpus Christi processions, wine festivals, alpine lifts, etc.
  • We promote the amusing get-together of guests, many of whom are single. Common experiences increase the Wellbeiing feeling.
  • We are members of various health, sports and nature associations, such as Swiss spas, Swiss spa houses, Swiss Society for Nutrition, Swiss Society for Prevention in Health Care, Swiss Polyarthritic Association, Rheumaliga, Swiss Society for Morbus Bechterew, Swiss Multiple Sclerosis Society, Riederalp Golf Club, Obergoms Cross Country Club, Breiten Tennis Club, WWF Switzerland, Pro Natura, etc.
  • We cooperate with health associations and therapists from the area, e.g. Walliser Rheumaliga, Wassergymnastiktherapeuten, Homöopathen, etc.
  • We are members of various cultural associations such as the Gesellschaft für Schweizer Kunstgeschichte, the historians' association Wallis, the Verein Musikdorf Ernen, the Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Geschichte, etc.
  • We try to make as many occasions of the above mentioned societies and associations as possible accessible to our guests, be it in Valais or at their homes.


    Measures and aids for the concrete implementation of our wellness philosophy are:
  • The owner family and employees are accessible and available to the guest at all times. Since we take care of all programs personally, we are in constant contact with the guest.
  • Courses, excursions, hikes, etc. are all advertised clearly visible in the hotel.
  • In addition, the guest receives a detailed weekly program and general documentation about all offers of the house.
  • If a guest participates in a course, he will receive additional detailed course documentation.
  • Our partner restaurant offers vegetarian and calorie-reduced wellness menus on a daily basis in addition to local cuisine. Likewise Candle Light Dinners, Gourmetabende, rustikale Älplerbuffets, sociable Raclettabende and similar culinary high points are organized.
  • Every season has its special programs, e.g. purification in spring, building up in autumn, etc. depending on the availability of natural remedies, (e.g. whey cures only when the cows are still in the valley, so that the whey is fresh every day, etc.)
  • We run an organic fruit and vegetable farm. Our guests benefit from this at breakfast and lunch/dinner. The restaurant incorporates the season into the menu and uses as many local and regional (organic) products as possible.
  • Fruit is available for consumption free of charge throughout the day at the hotel. Guests can also help themselves free of charge at the coffee and tea bar in the hotel lobby, in the brine bath and in the wellness area.
  • We set standards for renovations in our hotel with the use of natural materials.
  • We provide our guests with as many different booking options as possible in order to make it as easy as possible for them to prepare for a stay in latitudes. We work together with Switzerland Tourism, STC, Valais Tourism, Aletsch Ferien, tour operators and travel agencies and offer direct booking options by telephone and via the Internet.
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