Applications & Baths

Wellness massages

The wellness massages are pure relaxation and recreation.

Wellness massages

Sabina Schmidt, beautician
Florian Fercher, naturopath

Our wellness massages relax in the true sense of the word. Have you been tense at work out or sports? Do you want to do yourself a favor? Our masseurs solve your blockages in no time. The wellness massages are recreation and pure relaxation. Reserve your wellness date right now.


 80 Min
 150 CHF

Lomi Lomi Nui

A deeply relaxing whole body oil massage. "Lomi-Lomi" means pressing, kneading, rubbing, but also with the gentle paws of a cat. Nui is important, unique, great. These hundreds of years old body treatment bases on the conviction that illnesses cannot arise, when body, mind and soul are in a relaxed condition. The sense of this massage is to create relaxation, to unblock hardening and to move pain spots gently and insistently out of the body.

 60 Min
 125 CHF

Matterhorn Hot Stone

Hot Stone is a combination of massage and the pleasant action of warm stones. Smooth, round, warm lava stones are the basis of this treatment. The whole body will be energized and revitalized. The combination of massage and "old wisdom" makes the hot stone treatment a unique and rewarding method which helps us to bring harmony and balance into our lives.

Other massages and baths

  • Full body massage (55')
     96 CHF
     55 Min
  • Full body massage (40')
     76 CHF
     40 Min
  • Partial massage (25')
     52 CHF
     25 Min
  • Massage of the neck
     45 CHF
     15 Min
  • Relax massage
     83 CHF
     25 Min
  • Foot reflexology
     97 CHF
     55 Min
  • Lymphatic draining
     77 CHF
     40 Min
  • Brine Wrap
     39 CHF
     20 Min
  • Reiki (manual Japanese therapy)
     92 CHF
     25 Min
  • Cleopatra bath in the whirlpool "Hydroxeur"
     48 CHF
     20 Min
  • Oil or aromatic bath in the "Hydroxeur" whirlpool
     31 CHF
     20 Min

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