Dear Furry Guest

We are very happy that you have come to us with your two-legged friend. In order to make your stay as stress-free as possible for humans and animals, we have put together some information that may help you.


Did we forget something? Then do not hesitate to tell your mistress and master to contact us. We wish you a great and happy stay!

Dog in front of a chalet

Hotel • Restaurant

You can take your mistress and master on a leash anywhere in the hotel, except the wellness area, which is reserved for people only.

You can also go to the restaurant. If you wish to have a special table, your two-legged friend can report this to the reception.

Hotel room superior


We provide you with enough blankets and cloths in which you can cuddle.
If required, we also provide drinking and feeding bowls. We will tell your human to let us know if he has to leave you alone in the room for a longer time. He should also hang the red "Do not disturb" sign on the door handle.

Three puppies


An important topic for dogs: going for a walk. Please do not release yourself in the hotel garden. If you walk out of the hotel, you can take the flat, wide hiking trail to Mörel by the chapel right behind the house. You will find bags for the excrements in the Robydog on the large car park opposite the hotel.

Walking in the mountains with dog


We are happy to recommend beautiful walking and hiking trails to your two-legged friend, which you can easily do with him/her.
In Valais, dogs are allowed to run and romp freely outside the villages. In the village itself and in the nature reserves there is a leash obligation, also in the forest between 15 April and 30 June.

Cable car to the Aletsch Arena

(mountain) cable cars

Dogs who fit into a bag travel free of charge on all (mountain) cable cars Larger animals pay half the price or are exempt (Fiescheralp cableways).

Cat Veterinarian


If you ever need a vet, we recommend the practice of Romaine Werlen in Brig-Glis, tel. 027 927 17 17. She is really able and nice. You need not to be afraid.


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