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Alpine thermal brine pool

The brine has always shown great healing power.

Brine spa

Only Swiss approved thermal brine bath in the Alps

"The sea in the alps" - the slogan gets to the heart of it! The holiday resort in Breiten above Mörel in the Matterhornstate has since 50 years a brine spa (recognized Swiss health spa). The water is 33° C warm and has 10% of natural brine. 1 l of the water contains 35 gr salt out of the prehistoric sea, which laid 250 millions years ago over 'Switzerland'.

Brine bath water


In Breiten we use brine from Schweizerhalle in a concentration of roughly 10 % (3 % salt and mineral concentration, which is about the same as in the Mediterranean Sea) for our saline spa. On the banks of the 'primeval sea' under the influence of wind and sun, in secluded parts of the ocean, the salt crystallizes, slowly sets and over millions of years leaves behind large deposits of salt and minerals. The same process took millions of years ago in our region to large salt and mineral deposits that are over one hundred years of exploitation by the Swiss Rhine Salt Works in Rhyburg (Schweizerhalle). The salt left lying in the ocean at depths between 140 and 400 meters is naturally turned into brine. This fluid is pumped to the surface of the ocean and is regularly delivered in large tanks to us in Breiten.

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Medical indications

Since the antiquity, salt water has been valued for its healing properties especially at the water temperature of 33° C which we use. Salt water is known to have a very favorable to excellent curative effect on the following diseases and disorders: In the case of diseases of the musculoskeletal system (rheumatism, arthrosis, "damage to the intervertebral discs"), postoperative treatment, movement disorders after accidents and metabolic diseases (obesity), excellent healing results can be expected. But brine can also be extremely helpful for gynaecological diseases, certain cardiovascular diseases, certain diseases of the respiratory organs as well as for stress and managerial diseases and general signs of wear and tear

You can find details about the indications and cures in general on the 'medical' homepage of our health hotel.

Kurhotel Schweiz

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Health hotel


Our hotel Salina Maris is fully accredited for medical purposes by the Swiss Federal Department of Internal Affairs as a spa (according to Article 40 of the Swiss Federal Law on Medical Insurance). Therefore, you may be covered by your Health Insurance-
Breiten is member of the Swiss spa association.
Breiten is member of Wohlbefinden Schweiz.

Medical care

Dr. med. R. Menath, Mörel, Specialist in General Medicine FMH
Dr. med. P. Heinzen, Brig, Homeopath
Consultation with specialists in surgery, orthopaedics, ORL, gynaecology, rheumatology.


Simon Camenzind, qualified physiotherapist and manual therapist.

Traditional European Medicine

Florian Fercher, alternative practitioner

Cosmetics & beauty

Sabina Schmidt


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