10 golden bathing tips

Only Swiss approved thermal brine bath in the Alps

The water in the thermal brine pool in BREITEN has a high salt and mineral content of 3% (about 35 g a liter). This corresponds to a proportion of 10% saturated natural brine in the spring water of the thermal pool. The water in our thermal baths is one of the strongest in Europe and, together with the temperature of 33 ° C, has a considerable impact to your body. For this reason bathing time in the thermal baths should be not longer than 20 minutes, taking into account the strong effect of the thermal water.

Woman in brine pool

Less is more

The medical success of the thermal bathing cannot be forced with extending the bathing time. On the contrary: less time in the thermal water is often more useful. A daily bath in the thermal water of 15 to 20 minutes is sufficient to achieve the desired effects.

For joy and fun the duration of the bath in the thermal water can be extended here and there to a half or even a short hour – except you have a low blood pressure.

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Relaxing after a bath

After the bath in the thermal water you cannot simply go to the agenda. Rest for at least half an hour in dry clothes or in a warm bathrobe on a couch in the heated lounge. Or – even better – go on the shortest way and without catching a cold in your warm bed and cover up well. You will feel the reaction as a pleasant tiredness, then you fall asleep for a short time.

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Bath in the morning

As a rule you go in the morning to the thermal pool, preferably before breakfast. A second bath – but only short (5 to 10 minutes) – is recommended in the evening after a hike (against sore muscles) or after skiing (to warm up). However, if you stay in the evening to long in the thermal water, you may sleep badly (stimulating effect).

Those who have a deep blood pressure should start with 10 to 15 minutes bath time in the thermal spa and – in the case of well-being – increase the duration in the course of the cure up to 20 minutes. As a result, a greater drop in blood pressure and thus discomfort and too much fatigue can be avoided

Relaxation in the nature

Bathing breaks

If you feel tired and weakened during the cure (normally after 7 to 10 days) take a full-day bathing break and start the following day with a reduced bathing time in the thermal pool.

Take a shower before bathing in the thermal spa. After your bath in the thermal water, dry yourself well without having a shower. As a result, a part of the salt and minerals stay on the skin and can be subcutaneously introduced into the circulation through the skin. The brine can continue its positive effect. Thanks to this "salt mantle", you are 24 hours under the beneficial effects of the natural ocean.

Massage bench in the thermal bath

Active bathing

Bathe moderately active! Do not use the thermal bath to a "chatterbox". Always move in the brine. Stretch in the water of the thermal spa. The water in our thermal baths carries you – thanks to its high mineralization. Stretch on your back in the warm water, move arms and legs, make swimming movements. This is a relief for your movement and support apparatus. Also, use the underwater massage jets in the thermal pool, massively, without directing the water jet directly to the belly or neck. Use the small water jets at the bottom of the bench on the northern side of the bath to soothe and stimulate your legs. Do some water gymnastics, swim in the thermal pool on your chest and back – but everything quiet and moderate. You are in a health spa, not in a sports pool.

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