Delightful fun

"Dine Around"

Gourmet Pass "Dine Around"

Varied dinners in different restaurants

Going out to eat in a restaurant means variety, enjoyment and relaxation. Mörel and its surroundings offer a wide variety of restaurants. This is where our "Dine Around" offer comes in. It is a flexible alternative to traditional half board and offers you more choice. You decide where you would like to dine this evening.

You choose what you like best tonight. The "Dine Around" pleasure fun includes a diner voucher for each day of your stay, which you can redeem at the participating restaurants. Each restaurant offers you at least 1 seasonally changing menu.

P R I C E S   P E R   P E R S O N
days CHF ¦ days CHF
2 days 86 ¦ 5 days 200
3 days 126 ¦ 6 days 234
4 days 164 ¦ 7 days 266

If you don't like any of the menus (or if you have discovered something particularly delicious on the menu in one of the restaurants), you can eat à la carte in all of them. In this case, the voucher will be taken in payment at CHF 45. The vouchers cannot be used to pay for drinks. Unused vouchers can be returned to the hotel at the end of the stay at CHF 35 in payment.


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